Gene Shue: Here’s to a Great One, 1963

Gene Shue had some ideas he thinks will improve pro basketball, and he doesn’t mind expressing his opinion on what he considers to be problems of the present game.

Hal Greer: What Wilt Means to the 76ers, 1966

Despite Wilt’s great contributions to the 76ers as a player, his helping the club and the players to belong to the city has to be the most-important boost he gave us.

MLK Assassination: To Play or Not to Play? 1968

Shortly after 7 p.m., Philadelphia general manager Jack Ramsay met in his office with Celtics president Marvin Kratter and general manager Red Auerbach to discuss the possibility of postponement. Both Ramsay and Auerbach left the office, and Kratter talked to league commissioner Walter Kennedy on the phone. 

John Brisker Sent Down to the Minors, 1974

Brisker does have a bad rep, pedigree blotched with unsavory tags like punch-out artist and troublemaker, league jumper, money-grabber and, it is even whispered, fixer and thrower of basketball games. 

Hal Greer: Call Me Coach, 1974

This is not the way Hal Greer had wanted to start his professional coaching career. Not with a defeat, not in the near anonymity of the minor leagues. He had wanted to coach the 76ers when it was ordained last year that his playing days were over. He had wanted to stay in the limelight he had known so well.

‘Earl, Earl, Earl The Pearl,’ 1975

It’s difficult to describe the bedlam he generates in the arena. Little kids scream. Mothers and fathers forget their dignity and roar their delight over a sweating individual in short pants. The Pearl becomes their bauble.