NBA Game of the Week: A Television First for Women with Microphones, 1974

The executives at CBS Sports regrouped and sent Jane Chastain to Portland today for the NBA Game of the Week.

Oscar Robertson: Why He’s the Best Ever, 1968

Says a long-time basketball expert, “If Oscar walked into your neighborhood playground for a pick-up game, he’d probably get his 30 and not much more. He’s the most consistent star ever.”

Johnny Green: Basketball’s Talented Antique, 1972

When Johnny Green was a first-round draft choice, he received $2,000 as a bonus. Rookies now are getting more than an entire team’s payroll used to be.

Rick Barry Rates His All-Time Opponents, 1980

As one of the few players who had the chance to play pro basketball in three different decades (the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s), it also was my fortune to play both against—and with—most of the great players produced by the National Basketball Association.