Willis Reed: The Art & Agony of a Gentle Giant, 1973

Willis Reed was past 30 now, and in the compressed lifespan of athletics that is to be past middle-age. It is a time when the body begins to betray its promises of youth, a time when the infinite resilience and boundless energy start to become less dependable certainties.

Jerry Harkness: 67 Feet to Spare, 1967

It was nice that the last basket was a record, but all that really mattered for Indiana and Harkness was that it counted three points and for that Jerry had 67 feet to spare.

Kyle Macy: No Sophomore Jinx, 1982

“This kid is probably going to double his scoring average this year, and that’s what everyone will talk about. But as a former guard myself, who always worked at stopping the other guy, I’m really impressed with how much more defense Kyle is playing this season.”


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