Pro Basketball’s Fun at Fort Wayne, 1955

“You think I took a helluva gamble entrusting a team—and a franchise—to a man who had never coached college or pro ball and who was at the time a mere referee. It was no gamble to me.”

New Jersey Americans: One Season and Done, 1968

The court, the regulation 94-feet long, had a big white star in the center, inside concentric circles of red and blue. New Jersey’s first pro basketball team, one year away from becoming the New York Nets, would be called the Americans.

Bob Cousy: A Frenchman from Long Island, 1953

Today, Cousy is the hottest thing in basketball, a ballhandler who does unbelievable things with a pair of unbelievably big hands with which he manipulates a basketball as if it were a ping-pong ball.

Clair Bee: The Busiest Bee in Baltimore, 1954

But things have been happening in Baltimore lately. Pro Football came back for another try. Major league baseball returned after an absence of half a century. And a 53-year-old gentleman with squinting eyes and an athlete’s shuffle came to town.  

Changing Times: Today’s Players Can Do More Things Than We Could, 1973

Modern players have bigger, stronger, and more flexible bodies than their predecessors; they can shoot better, jump higher, and run faster.