Willis Reed: The Art & Agony of a Gentle Giant, 1973

Willis Reed was past 30 now, and in the compressed lifespan of athletics that is to be past middle-age. It is a time when the body begins to betray its promises of youth, a time when the infinite resilience and boundless energy start to become less dependable certainties.

Three Days in the Life of Walt Frazier, 1971

Dribbling and driving, dancing and defending, passing and penetrating, Frazier is the equal of any guard in the NBA. Stealing the ball, he has no equal. He has the fastest hands in the East . . . or in the West.

Changing Times: Today’s Players Can Do More Things Than We Could, 1973

Modern players have bigger, stronger, and more flexible bodies than their predecessors; they can shoot better, jump higher, and run faster. 

Lucas-Robertson or Baylor-West? The Coaches Choose, 1964

If the comparisons between Robertson-Lucas and Baylor-West prove anything, it is that the two pairs are entirely different in style and are needed in different capacities on their respective teams.