Enjoying the NBA Action at Portland’s Paramount Theater, 1980

Other teams have broadcast games on closed-circuit theater TV, but only during the playoffs. The Blazers are the only team in the NBA, probably the only sports team in the world, to pipe every regular-season home game to a closed-circuit location.

Portland Trail Blazers: The Dismantling of Camelot, 1980

Jack Ramsay had always conditioned himself to take nothing for granted, never to live in the past, but he says he never dreamed it could be over so quickly.

Lenny Wilkens: Supersonic Miracle, 1979

The praise Lenny received in the past and the praise he is hearing again today are not hollow. Especially now that the words are not confined to a few hundred miles of the Puget Sound, we must begin to know that Durocher was wrong: good guys can finish first. 

Jabbar, Jerry West, and the New Look Lakers, 1978

“Jerry West is one clever dude,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “He was responsible for making us a unified group. And that was the big difference in this team.”

NBA Game of the Week: A Television First for Women with Microphones, 1974

The executives at CBS Sports regrouped and sent Jane Chastain to Portland today for the NBA Game of the Week.

Jim Ard: In a Pressure Cooker, 1974

For the time being, Ard is putting all the ifs and buts out of his mind. His wife, daughter, and now nine-month-old son are arriving tomorrow, and, when the furniture gets here, they’ll move into an apartment he’s rented in Peabody.