Bill Laimbeer’s Greatest Hits, 1988

We can argue with some of what he does, but not with the consistency with which he does it. Laimbeer has played in 646 consecutive regular-season games. He has started 522 in a row. Those are the longest active streaks in the league.

Detroit Pistons: Called for Travelling, 1982

Dawn is breaking over another airport runway. The Pistons, on their way back to Detroit, have been up since 5:30 a.m., and they straggle down the nearly deserted corridor leading to their gate, suit bags slung over their shoulders, a duffel bag in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

Kelly Tripucka: Two Crazy Nights in January 1983

“Hey, it has to come from the heart,” Tripucka said, poking himself in the chest. “If you can’t be excited about a game like this, if it doesn’t give you any kind of thrill, you’ve got absolutely no business in the game.”

Isiah Thomas: Is He the Pistons’ Savior? 1982

“He has charisma, an ability to inspire confidence in his teammates that only a few players have like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, or Julius Erving,” says Rod Thorn, the Chicago Bulls’ general manager.

Kyle Macy: No Sophomore Jinx, 1982

“This kid is probably going to double his scoring average this year, and that’s what everyone will talk about. But as a former guard myself, who always worked at stopping the other guy, I’m really impressed with how much more defense Kyle is playing this season.”