Chuck Person: The Indiana Years, 1986-1992

Chuck Person admits he’s not in the same class as Atlanta’s Dominique Wilkins. Person would never underestimate his own talent that way.

Chuck Person: Person-al Touch, 1988

After every game, Person leans against his locker, ice bags hanging from all extremities. Although he’s got good size at 225 pounds, he invariably wears black-and-blue marks like merit badges.

Bill Laimbeer: Not Supposed to Be This Good, 1984

“Part of my success is that I anticipate shots well. On offense, for instance, I know my teammates. I know that when a guy is in a certain area, I can count on him shooting and can adjust my position accordingly. I also watch the ball.”

Enjoying the NBA Action at Portland’s Paramount Theater, 1980

Other teams have broadcast games on closed-circuit theater TV, but only during the playoffs. The Blazers are the only team in the NBA, probably the only sports team in the world, to pipe every regular-season home game to a closed-circuit location.