Chuck Person: The Indiana Years, 1986-1992

Chuck Person admits he’s not in the same class as Atlanta’s Dominique Wilkins. Person would never underestimate his own talent that way.

Rick Barry: Tales of a Happy Warrior, 1974

“I had commitments to Franklin Mieuli and the Warriors,” recalls Barry, “and also to Roy Boe and the Nets. It was a difficult situation to be in.”

Rick Barry Discusses: Is the ABA As Good as the NBA? 1973

The National Basketball Association is better than the American Basketball Association, but it is no longer a great deal better.

Sidney Wicks: Getting Under Rick Barry’s Skin, 1974

When Wicks’ love-taps continued and grew in intensity, Barry blew up and blasted the refs. Apparently, he didn’t phrase his complaint in delicate language, because the refs offered Rick a comfortable seat on the bench for the rest of the night.