The Secret Behind the Amazing Knicks, 1970

To many, who had become accustomed to the Knicks being have-nots unable to make the playoffs for seven straight seasons (1960-1966), their “instant success” seemed almost unreal.

Red Holzman: A Humpty-Dumpty Situation, 1968

Holzman knows the game of basketball. And he probably knows it better now than back in 1957, when St. Louis fired him after a losing record.

The Walt Frazier Style, 1971

Madison Square Garden is probably the only basketball arena in the country where, when the home team falls behind in the fourth quarter, a chant begins in the lower tiers and swells until it sweeps the arena: “Dee-fense! (clap, clap), Dee-fense! (clap, clap) Dee-fense! (clap, clap).”