Bob Love: The Bodacious Butterbean, 1972

Through it all, Bob Love, the “defensive” forward, remained with Chicago, which was fine with Butterbean. He just wanted to play, knowing that if he ever got the green light, he’d be a star.

Maravich, Mount, Murphy: M-M-M Good in College, But What Do the Pros Think? 1970

In approximately 11 months, when the M boys step onto the court to make their professional debuts, we will begin to see how right or wrong the experts were. 

Oscar Robertson: Why He’s the Best Ever, 1968

Says a long-time basketball expert, “If Oscar walked into your neighborhood playground for a pick-up game, he’d probably get his 30 and not much more. He’s the most consistent star ever.”

Who Are the All-Time Greatest Slam-Dunk Artists? 1977

Dr. J. is the slam-dunk champ of the ABA. Won it fair and square at halftime of the league’s All-Star game last winter.

Darryl Dawkins: Manchild in the Promised Land, 1980

Toward the end of the game, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar comes out to guard Dawkins. They hit each other as Dawkins crosses into the lane and suddenly Jabbar is going backwards. Dawkins gets the ball and dunks.

Lucas-Robertson or Baylor-West? The Coaches Choose, 1964

If the comparisons between Robertson-Lucas and Baylor-West prove anything, it is that the two pairs are entirely different in style and are needed in different capacities on their respective teams.

E Stands for Elvin . . . And Excellence, 1969

Elvin Hayes, the Big E, the two-time All-America from Houston University, started the current National Basketball Association season as the most heralded rookie since Oscar Robertson